We are a family business, and quite unique in Spain, which grows vegetables, kitchen, dams so as preserves and distributes, all organically even distribution, we can always do the by bike (we now have a delivery service by bike valencia city and some villages horta sud)

Our preserves are made with 100% organic products without additives, by representing an original option, healthy and tasty to eat.

Sure you don't taste anything like our preserves. Eating healthy is very important, but also if what you eat is delicious ,,, You will be an addicted to our products! Try all varieties:

Biotúria born in 2014, the root of the company "serve life" dedicated to the cultivation and sale of organic vegetables and fruit. We have a short journey, but every day we try to reinvent the industry with fresh ideas and a great spirit of improvement.

Buy us, in your bioshop or in our website :)